Membership Rules

Age requirements

21 and up

Proof of ID

All patrons are required to show the security a valid drivers license from the state of North Carolina. A valid military ID. A valid North Carolina ID. Out of state ID must be valid drivers license. Valid passport. Copies or pictures of these items are not permitted. Fake IDs will be confiscated.

Crowd Control

We are dedicated to maintaining a safe club where in the case of an emergency, people can escape. With that being said, night clubs are not allowed to overpopulate clubs past capacity. Art Room takes this rule very seriously; with that being said, when the club reaches maximum capacity, the doorman will hold off people from entering. At this point, a line will be forming outside and will dwindle as people leave the club.  

Dress Code 

Dress sandals for men & women permitted

No saggy pants

No basketball shorts

No gym clothes

No plain white tees

No duraggs

No bandanas (even for mask)

No hoodies over head

Rule Enforcement
Once guest enter our club, they will behave in a civil manner. Bouncers will regularly check behaviors around the club of guests. Bouncers are asked to kick out those who are too drunk, making a scene or are acting in a threatening nature.  

As a member of Art Room you agree to not park in the neighborhood. We respect our neighbors and our community very much.

Membership Fee
A $1 membership fee is required by all first time guests. This is given to the VIP host at the door. To become a member, the VIP Host will scan the back of your ID & will prompt you to enter you correct phone number. The next time you come to the venue, you will simply enter your phone number and your membership info will pop up. This log in also is where you agree to adhere to our membership rules. Should you not comply with any rukes we can remove you from our venue and ask that you be banned.